Vision is Act-seeing. Great Vision means that you see things DONE by way of your Imagination, even before they are attempted.

Vision differs from Imagination. It starts from Imagination. Imagination takes the Pictures but Vision turns them over to the Architects who Build things from them. Men with Vision are Dominant. Look Out. Muster your Ideas. For Ideas germinate Vision.

They give it Flesh and Blood, Feed its Fire Box, Control its Nerves — Pump its Heart. Ideas make Vision a living thing. Look Out. Despise Vision and you become a Hireling — dependent and owned. Court Vision and you become a Master — a Weilder of Power unlimited. Vision is Optimism with two healthy Eyes. Look Out.

Vision comes to and maybe gained by, the humblest. It carries neither a Patent nor a Copyright. It’s a “tramp” element in the sense of freedom. But it must be sought, found — and then fed and clothed. Vision comes to no one unhunted. Look Out.

Your Vision is Big or Little as you will it. The greater you aspire the greater will grow your Vision. The farther you See — the more you will Do. Vision is applicable to every day. It puts strength back on effort. It brings Permanence to your acts. Look Out.


Dampers are Checks. They are also Savers. Attached to a heating apparatus, they Check the draughts and Save the fuel. Human beings have Dampers. Thought itself is a Damper — also Judgment, Conscience, Expediency — and many others.

No one, however, can ever know your own Dampers so well as you Yourself. But — Know WHEN to use your Dampers. Dampers are very Essential. An open Damper on a Furnace might so heat things as to cause an Explosion or a Fire. On the other hand it might be so turned off as to put out the Furnace, entirely.

So, exactly, is it true in regard to the Dampers that go to regulate and make up your modes of Action — and your Character. Know WHEN to use your Dampers. Study your Draughts. A few of them are Enthusiasm, Energy, Will, Learning — Money.

There is a Damper for every Draught. If used intelligently increased results are secured. If Enthusiasm sweeps you out of the Practical — turn on the Reason Damper.

If you go into things with nothing but a Will to go through — turn on the Thought Damper. Don’t Learn so much from Books that you know nothing about Life and People.

Remember that you HAVE Dampers. But — Know WHEN to use your Dampers. And be sure that you use them YOURSELF. Don’t let anybody else turn any Dampers on your Enthusiasm, your Ideas, your Plans, your Work. Run your own Dampers.

Study them with great care. It’s knowing exactly WHEN and HOW to use them that makes the difference between Success and Failure for you.