Thoughts are what happen when your Brain gets busy. Also, Thoughts are the Servants sent out by your Mind to shape and complete Deeds. Feed your Thoughts the right Food. Thoughts are never inherited. Thoughts are individual and belong wholly to you who create them. So, in turn, you are responsible for them. Care for them with zeal. Keep them Clean and Wholesome.

Feed your Thoughts the right Food. Thoughts are the Master Builders of Fate. And as sure and plain as the chisel in the hands of the Sculptor leaves the lines and form of the finished Statue, so do Thoughts cut and shape your Character — and no man can change their work. Thoughts are Messengers of Events. Feed your Thoughts the right Food.

Train your Thoughts. Organize them. Concentrate them. Exercise them. Guard them. Glory in the Society of your Thoughts — alone. For your Thoughts are your best Companions. Besmirch them — betray them, and you loom useless and abandoned.

Feed your Thoughts the right Food. As your Mind grows in Strength, your Thoughts increase in Power. It is a wise plan, therefore, to fill your Mind with Thoughts that inspire and cheer and ennoble. For in the darker days of stress and rebellion that come into every life, the re-enforcements of great and useful Thoughts, step out to Protect and Save.


There are a great many people on this earth that we don’t need and that we wish we could just easily push off. Knockers, for instance. There is a difference between a Knocker and a Kicker. Sometimes people kick to a good purpose. But a Knocker is a Knocker — a Pest and a Destroyer. Here is the way to push the Knockers into Oblivion — Boost! Boost your Town.

Boost your Business. Boost your Friends. Boost your Ideas. Boost everything that helps other people or yourself. Be a Booster and you can’t help but be a Builder. Boost! The man who Boosts is a Leader. He is always followed by a crowd. His philosophy at once becomes contagious.

He leaves a trail of Boosters in his path. While those who follow him cut his name into Bronze.

When you don’t know what else to do — Boost. It makes little odds what you Boost so long as you Boost something. Once you form the habit you need have no fear for lack of things to Boost. They will spring up from every direction. Boost! If you want to be happy — Boost. If you want to get higher in the world — Boost.

The Busiest and Wisest men that life will be glad to listen to you if you are a Booster. Learn the knack of Boosting. It’s a great knack — more important than any “Pull,” or “Influence” — and it’s bigger than the mere making of Money.