The White Rabbit

Who is Qanon? We have no definitive answer. Is Q an individual? Most likely not. There is a theory gaining popularity that John Kennedy Jr. faked his death and is Q? Anything is possible I guess, but I just laugh at that one. However, any conspiracy that popular, and fantastic, must receive an honorable mention.

I have also read Q is a faction within the NSA, military, FBI, Assange’s group, the current administration’s cabinet, or even the President himself. If I were to propose an educated guess, I would assume Q is a group of modern-day patriots collectively known as the ‘White Hats.’ Where did Q come from? Q-Anon first appeared on internet boards in the fall of 2017, gained popularity through word of mouth, started going viral, and now is being mocked on television. I don’t believe the answer to Q’s identity is as important as why we have, or even need, a Q-Anon. Q posts often links to videos, articles, photographs, and information on internet boards. Q has developed code names and phrases for people and organizations. In 2018 a sophisticated, and very complex, message system started to develop.

Followers use time and date stamps, and other clues within a post, to plug into a cipher of sorts and gain insight or a message. There are a Q Letter and Q Clock. Both can easily be found through any internet search engine. There is a cornucopia of websites explaining them, but this book is about a general synopsis of Qanon. It is rather like Wikileaks on steroids.
Q often uses the military slogan, “Where We Go One, We Go All.” Q frequently reminds readers, “Trust the plan and to enjoy the show.” Where is Q trying to take us? What show and what is the plan? If you are curious, you can follow the white rabbit.

Proceed with caution because the white rabbit usually takes you to another world. Not only is it different than the world you know, but it is a destination that forces you to peel the blinders from your eyes and peer behind the looking glass. It is similar to the pop culture phase about taking the red pill. Once your eyes are opened, you can never return to the world you knew. The White Rabbit Express is a one-way ticket to a new level of your existence. Under normal circumstances, I would advise you to follow the white rabbit only if you dare.

However, these are desperate times in which we live. There is no need to chase the rabbit because he’s running after you. He is hopping at warp speed in our direction, and he’s bringing his world—our parallel world—with him. The collision is imminent. Truth is coming into the light and the foundations will move.

Hold on. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged. God is with us always, and many have already glimpsed behind that looking glass and will help you stand. It is true that united we will stand but divided we will indeed fall. United, we will emerge victoriously. A better world awaits us on the other side.