The Battle

The greatest Battles being fought anywhere are those you fight daily inside your own Soul — against Anger, Lies, Habits, Misjudgments, Ill Health — Circumstances. Continually it is The Battle. The Battle — to find out how far Brain and Body fiber can be put to the test in order to learn that The Man is in Command.

Heroes pass us daily — and we know it not. Character and Strength come from Strife. Like the Diamond, you become valuable only after the most painstaking toil and effort. We all come up out of the rough — we all demand cutting and polishing and shaping before we are able to stand out beautiful and inspiring.

But Battling should hold nothing of gloom and sourness. For even in Defeat, there is always something Woo.
The main requisites are to keep Smile-bound, carry light Equipment, and in the words of Cromwell, “trust in God and keep your Powder dry.” Welcome The Battle, as it goes on in your Life. Plan each little Skirmish with Care and with Courage.

Be unmindful of the outside Crowd. Center on the destroying forces that face you and fight them to a finish. Then get ready for another Battle. Charge the dissenters in your own ranks. But keep your face toward the Enemy, under whatever name it fights you. Always Battle to Win! By firmly and patiently loading and reloading the guns at your command you become a seasoned Soldier.

Little by little the intricate rules and principles of warfare become more simple and understandable. You begin to fed yourself a Leader and a Conqueror. Thus does The Battle — fought out by us hourly with fortitude — make real Men and Women of us all.


Grit is getting the Brain and Heart and Soul of a man fused for a concerted, white-hot attack on Failure.

Grit is what grasps at the raw edge of Victory and chews it to the point of easy digestion. And Grit wins — it gets there! Grit started the action of the world — and has moved things ever since.

Grit lost — all is lost. Grit is what keeps us from becoming beggars — helps us to shake hands heartily with Progress. Grit is the maker of Masters that master all things.

Grit drives the stakes that point the path. Grit is what keeps a fighting man from going “stale.” Grit “brings home the bacon.” Grit makes the way for the Worker and the Doer. Grit is the pivot on which the aims and ideals and hopes of fighters hang steadily unto Success. No sweat, no sweet — no Grit, no Glory. So — get Grit!