Smile! The face that Smiles is the face that everyone is looking for — and wants. Smile. For the Smiler is the Climber — and the Smiler is the Winner. Smile.

If doubt and defeat drub you at times — Smile. Smile. If it rains when you think it ought to shine — Smile. Smile. Start Smiles. Smile. The Smiling Worker is the Smiling Doer.

Smile. Smile. More things have been wrought and brought through Smiles than this world dreams of. Smile. A Failure doesn’t want to Smile — and can’t. A Winner wants to Smile — and can’t help it. Smile. Smile. Smiles beget Smiles. Smile. Smiles warm the blood, stiffen the back and start courage anew. Smile. Smile.
Smile when you wake.

Smile. Smile when you go and Smile when you come. Smile. Smile when you start your work and Smile when you end it. Smile. For Smiles keep the livelong day from going stale. And Smiles keep the well from going dry. Smile.

Smiles are the headlights of Success. And they always point the way that wins the day. Smile.


Be Square. The man of all men most miserable is the man with a worn, weary, weeping Conscience. Be Square. Conscience is the fellow who sits on the throne of your Soul and calls out the Danger Signal when your life craft sights Icebergs.

Conscience is the pilot of a man’s Hope toward Success. Conscience is the Busy Signal sign that halts a man just as he is about to do what he ought not to but wants to. Be Square.

Conscience is the Voice of Duty — in every-day clothes. Be Square. Conscience is what you feel but do not hear. Conscience is the still, strong, silent, unseen Force that is ever with you — that invariably hunches you in the ribs — mute warner that you are on the wrong track, traveling in the wrong direction, playing the wrong game.

Regardless of all other heeds, beck or call — hear, listen to — obey your Conscience to the letter.

Be Square. The Man with the Conscience makes the Business with a Conscience. The Business with the Conscience makes the Nation with the Conscience. Conscience in Power is a real achievement a throne. Be Square. As a Man or Woman, think it over.

A conscience to you is as no other Conscience to any other Man or Woman. And the height to which Peace and Power may climb in you can be only in proportion to the Peace and Power which obedience to Conscience brings. So, follow your own Conscience all the way. Be Square.