This world needs Leaders more than it needs any other breed of men. Every line of activity calls for Leaders — every Home, every Business, every Town — every Nation. As long as there are people there will be plenty to Follow. The demand is for those who can Lead. Be a Leader. The greatest asset in Leadership is Courage.

Cowards never Lead. Leadership requires great Patience. No one will follow an Irritable or Impatient Leader. Leadership requires Tact, Fairness and Confidence. One man can’t Lead another who distrusts his Leadership. Many other things are important — but these things are Imperative. Be a Leader.

A Leader must inspire and wake up the sleeping POWERS in his followers. He must be able to draw out, into action, the very highest qualities of people. To be able to do this he must himself have a dean consistent Record. A man can’t command without Authority — a man can’t stir other people without first having stirred himself and become his own Master. Be a Leader. It is just as important to be a Leader in your own Home or Town as to be a Leader in your Country.

It isn’t the special station in which a man Leads that makes his work most important but it’s HOW he Leads. This thing is true — that if you Lead well in the little affairs of life you can’t keep from becoming a Leader in the big affairs. Be a Leader.


For general Run-down-ed-ness try the Tonic — “Up.” The “Up” Tonic has actually saved this big world from going off to a Hospital. Millions daily rise to sing its marvelous praises. Get Up.

That is the first step. Stand Up. The more you test your own Strength, the more you will pat yourself on the back for having such Strength. Get Up — and stay Up. Cheer Up. The Best is always yet to come. Cheer Up. All you have to do is to go after the Best. And then, Cheer is so Magnetic.

No matter where you work or where you go — you draw People and Fortune your way. Suppose the Cow did lack over the pail of Milk. There’s more Cow and there’s more Milk. Cheer Up! Smile Up. Smiles don’t count when they hit the ground. Smile Up. When you face a day that seems knotted with kinks, Smile Up.

There will be very few Kinks left. At every time and in every place — Smile Up. Make no exception. Smile Up. Climb Up. Be satisfied with nothing. Climb Up. Gather up carefully and patiently the threads of Toil and Experience that make up your completed day and use them as a Rope with which to pull yourself higher.

Climb Up. Lift Up. If everybody were always Up and never Down, there would be no reason for this little Talk. Somebody is always Down and somebody is always Up. You who are Up helping the one who is Down. Lift Up. Then YOU will be HIGHER Up.