I Will

I will — make this day Worth While. I will drop the Past, remembering it only as a valuable path through which I have walked into the Now. I will take up the work of this day as a personal Pledge to do my best — with interest and enthusiasm.

I will do the things I have failed to do before. I will attempt new things that I know now that I can do. I will go ahead. I will play the game to-day with a warm heart and a cool head. I will smile when I fed like frowning. I will be patient when I fed tempted to scold. I will take personal command of myself.

I will be loyal to the concern for which I toil. I will be faithful to all my trusts. I will master the smallest detail. I will boost — not knock. I will do — not intend. I will get things done.

I will work because I like to. I will be fair and just because there is no other way — to Win. I will do right because it is right. I will drink defeat, if it comes at times, as good medicine. I will sweat by courageous effort — determined to succeed at all times. I will be careful of my Time, considerate of my Health, jealous of my Honor.

I will help make this day great for everyone with whom I come in contact. I will work for the people whom I serve with all my heart and with all my mind and with all my strength. For in the glory and success of my concern is hidden the glory and success of my own self. I will make this day Worth While.


Grasp your Chances as they come. For it’s the approaching of the Goal — just ahead — the turning of the Chance into the Achievement, that stirs and spurs the striving man to the fought-out fact of the thing dreamed about, planned about — and done. Take advantage of the smallest chance. First see it. Then grasp it! Then bolt it to your very soul.

Remembering that Chances seen — and secured — breed Ideas, mold the Characters of mighty Men — and make Success sure. Master the trivial. And the big things will loom into Deeds, perfectly plain, exact — undertakable. Especially is this true of the beginner of big things starting small.

Deeds do determine the value of the Chance seized by the man. The large tasks of the world lie hidden underneath the smallest Chances sought for with calm Patience and cool Courage. If past Chances appear neglected, passed by, or not seen, the future Chances streak toward you from in front — or maybe latent — but ready. Seek them, find them.

Then hold them — “for keeps.” Success follows the Chances nailed down — things done. You — to-day — go after the Chances.

Take them, ruddy and new, and build from this day, things worthwhile and things for more than to-day. Grasp your Chances as they come.