Appreciation is the Salt that savors the work and life of the World. Without Appreciation for what we do and without Appreciation for what is done for us, the merest task would become a burden and the Sunshine would go down out of the Hearts of People.

Express your Appreciation. Appreciation is often withheld for fear of an advantage being taken of it. Nothing could be more foolish. Such a man takes advantage of himself.

Appreciation acts like oil on the dry, worn parts of a machine. It starts off everybody and everything with Smiles. Continued Appreciation keeps things running smoothly. Also, it saves wear. Express your Appreciation. People waste away, render but half service, and finally drop back in the race amply through a lack of Appreciation. Appreciation is not only one of the most powerful Tonics on earth — it’s an actual necessary Food. And without it, no one partakes of a Balanced Diet.

Express your Appreciation. If you are an Employer and one of your Helpers does good work, tell him so. And if you are a Helper and your Employer encourages you on, tell him so in thanks and increased service. Appreciation stirs and stimulates. It goes to a man’s soul like an electric current to the sensitive nerve centers. Express your Appreciation. I appreciate the chance to Live.

Appreciate your Health, your Home, your Father and Mother, your Friends, your Opportunity. Some of these you may not have. But Appreciate what you do have — and greater gifts will hourly be added.


Be on Time. Because of the lateness of Marshal Grouchy of the French army at the battle of Waterloo, Blucher had time to whip his army on to the help of Wellington. Napoleon ordered rightly.

Had not the man to whom he entrusted those orders blundered — hesitated — been Late — the whole history of Europe would have been changed from 1815. Be on Time. “The Train was late,” is the most frequent explanation after a terrible accident. What a multitude of lives have been lost, what an army of men and women have been deprived of position and honor, what untold suffering and humiliation have followed in the path of the late Mr. Late.

Nothing pays better than Promptness. Be on Time.
Promptness is the act of being on the job when your name is called — and answering to it.

Not NEARBY — but THERE. Be on Time. Time tolls its minutes with even, regular strokes. The Job, the Appointment, the Order, the Friend, the Opportunity — won’t wait for the man who doesn’t respond on the dot. Be on Time.

Be not deceived by the cheap clanging of Gold and Silver — gifts through whose possession you imagine yourself immune to Honor and the Promptness of Appointments. There is no winning to the slothful. The world with all its wonderful offerings gives its Choice freely to the man of his word. Be on Time.

Be on Time at your desk each day — at each and every Appointment throughout each day. The path to greatness starts by being on time each morning at your own Breakfast table. That’s the beginning anyway. Be on Time.