Note the man taking care as to his Clothes! He shall shake hands heartily with Success and Success shall take him into Partnership. Clothes may not make the man but a man easily makes his Clothes help make him. They will help you to — Reveal yourself through your Clothes. First, Clothes give a feeling of Self-respect.

Then it is, however, that the sensible man forgets them. But if he doesn’t, then they help to unmake him. Clothes-worship discolors Character and takes from it its luster. For Clothes, after all, are mostly for the Mind. Else we could still dress in skins.

Clothes are very accurate indicators of the real Character of a man. Reveal yourself through your Clothes. You can do so if you let your Clothes by the means and by no means the end. Clothes and mere Styles are of two different Tribes. Neatness and Common Sense in Clothes count most. Shakespeare’s advice — “As much as thy purse will allow, neat but not gaudy” is difficult to improve upon. Reveal yourself through your Clothes. On the other hand, careful Selection in Clothes, so as to mirror your individuality and personality, becomes one of the most forceful means in your power for your growth. Clothes give prestige.

They furnish an “entre.” The mental effect of the careful, well-dressed man or woman at once is to stimulate, invite, and knit with satisfaction. The great point, however, is to so dress that people become at once interested in YOU and not your Clothes. Reveal yourself through your Clothes.

Let Go

It takes Courage to start a thing. It takes Courage to stick to a thing. But it takes greater Courage to Let Go of a thing that you are convinced is a Failure, after you have worked and sacrificed and sweat blood to make it Win. But — Have Courage to Let Go.

The basis of Self-Reliance is Self-Belief. If you consider yourself bigger than your Job — if you fed that you are holding down a $2,500.00 Job with $10,000.00 abilities — Let Go of the $2,500.00 Job and immediately proceed to the $10,000.00 Job. Have Courage to Let Go. The principle is the same in Friendship. Nothing stimulates, inspires and leads a man on to Performance like a Real Friend.

But if that Friend lacks the desires that accompany Real Friendship and you are keen enough to discern it — even in Friendship — Have the Courage to Let Go. Have the Courage to Let Go of the little Worries, the little Annoyances — the Trifles, that almost hourly race up to you and lead you to take them in.

Think not lightly of these because they are small. It takes a Strong man to kick them out of the way, to pass over them — to abandon them. Have the Courage to Let Go.

The Active Mind draws to itself, like a Magnet, Ideas, Theories, and Problems. Some are Useful, some are Useless. When they come to you, Sift them, Weigh them, Analyze them — take them all apart. Know them for what they are. Then hold to the Useful and drop the Useless. Have the Courage to Let Go.