Bosses are all right — if they are the right Bosses. All through Nature and Human life runs the power of the Boss. Everything would go to smash with a bang if there were no Bosses.

That’s why it is a satisfying thing to know that — You can Select your own Boss. There are Bosses and Bosses. Some people let a little six-inch roll of Tobacco Boss them; some are led around by a harmless looking glass of Liquid Stimulant; some are ruled by a bunch of fool, imaginary Worries; some are commanded by an army of Nerves; some allow an unregulated Stomach to Boss; some call in Clothes and Style and request them to Dictate. Many of these are all right — but none should ever be made Boss. You can Select your own Boss. One of the saddest sights in the world is a wrongly Bossed man or woman.

There, germinate all the miseries of the Human. There, Failure drives its stakes. Let’s think of OUR Bosses for a minute. Who is your Boss? What Bosses Boss you? Here’s something refreshing — You can Select your own Boss. This is the way.

Put your WILL in complete control. Make it Boss. The human Will is the greatest and grandest Boss in all the world of Bosses. Nerves! a word with you. YOU are not my Boss. Habit! step out in front. YOU are not my Boss. Appetite! just a moment. YOU are not my Boss. Will! let’s shake hands. I Select YOU as my Boss. And from this day on there is to be Order, Growth — Power in this house of mine.


To listen is to Learn. Doers of large affairs take very little time to talk — but they are always good Listeners. Anyone may secure a liberal education if he will but take the time to Listen. But it is imperative that you — Absorb what you Learn.

General U. S. Grant was not a brilliant man. He was a failure in Business. But he set out to become Useful. He was gifted with wonderful determination and doggedness. He had Character. And to-day, high above the waters of the Hudson, alongside the beautiful Riverside Drive in New York, stands Grant’s Tomb — mute testimony to the life and work of Grant, as Soldier and President.

So wonderful a Listener was he that while President he became known as “The Silent President.” Absorb what you Learn. To Listen well is a great accomplishment. No one shows his ignorance quicker than the man who persists in talking without saying anything. If you have something to say — say it. If you have nothing to say — Listen. Absorb what you Learn. Select the people to whom you listen.

Listen with respect and an Open Mind. Give new Ideas, new Theories, and new Programs a hospitable reception. Listen well. To you remains the right to reject what you do not want. But always be big enough to Listen. Then — Absorb what you Learn.