[Amazing] 7 Easy Budgeting Tips to save 100K by 2021

Saving money takes discipline and can be tricky to do even in the best of circumstances. One of the best ways to start saving is to utilize a budget. When you follow a budget, you can plan to save money every month while still allotting money to other necessary expenses. Here are 7 easy ways to budget your income and save 100K within the next year.

  • Stick to your grocery list

Before you go to the grocery store, make a list of the things you need. Then, when you get to the store, make sure to stick to your list. It can be easy to stray from your list – especially if you shop while hungry. Another thing that can tempt you to buy something you don’t really need is a sale. Don’t buy things just because they are on sale.

  • Sleep on your purchases

If you have a tendency to be an impulse buyer, a good trick is to sleep on your purchases. That means, if you have a desire to buy something, wait one day and then re-evaluate your desire to purchase it. You’ll often find that you don’t really need to buy that thing you thought you just had to have in the heat of the moment.

  • Don’t Waste

Make sure to use every last bit of everything you purchase. This is especially true for personal care items, such as deodorant, perfume, shampoo, and soap. Another area to keep an eye on is condiments in the kitchen.

  • Don’t pay for a gym membership

One of the biggest wastes of money is a gym membership – especially if you are like most people and don’t utilize the membership more than a couple times a month. It’s easy enough to ditch the gym membership and instead save the money and just work outside in the great outdoors.

  • Don’t fall for the technology upgrade cycle

One of the quickest ways to drop a lot of money is upgrading your technology – the latest phone, the latest gaming system, and so on. Often, we upgrade while the product wee already have still works great. If you’re trying to save money, buying a $1000 phone isn’t smart when your current phone works fine.

  • Pack your lunch

Instead of going out for lunch every day, pack your lunch from home instead. You can save hundreds of dollars a month. As a bonus, you’ll often find that you eat much healthier when you pack a lunch.

  •   Pay Yourself First

A great way to save money is to pay yourself first. Set up an automatic deposit to your savings account on payday each month so that you are guaranteed to save money before anything else.