Learn to Be Alone. To be Healthily Alone is to be Morally afire. In such Solitude are the Ideas of Centuries hatched. Big minds Think, Decide, Stand — Conquer, while Alone.

They self-examine and self-construct. Learn to Think Alone. Lincoln was Alone with his pine knots and borrowed books; Hugo was Alone with his mean garrett and pen; Cromwell was Alone at St. Ives behind his plow handle. Wherever great problems or vital decisions have had to be met, men have calmly withdrawn that they might the better weigh everything — Alone. Learn to Decide Alone.

Emerson says — “Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string.” Can a man trust himself away from himself? Is not the vital test and final greatness of a man all focused on his ability to stand absolutely Alone in emergencies? Props irritate and unnerve. So do irresponsive natures. The Crowd eats away at independence. Real Worth tops like a mountain cap. Nobody can mistake it.

Like the mountain itself, it stands Alone. No one will ever do for you what you are able to do for yourself — Alone. Learn to Stand Alone. If you have personal problems to solve — get Alone. If you are dissatisfied with what you are — get Alone. You will look strangely true to yourself when examined Alone.

Nothing stimulates like getting Alone — so long as you get Alone to improve yourself. Learn to Conquer Alone.


Take the Chip off your Shoulder. One of the surest evidences that this is a time of great Progress is that we are beginning to dig out with great zest from the trunks in our garrets the old-fashioned, dust-covered principles that used to keep us mighty happy before we began to get prosperous.

The package labeled “Arbitrate,” for instance. The meanest human being likes to pride himself on his sense of fairness. It is a fundamental and primitive principle. It was not until somebody got unjust and unfair that Wars and Fighters and Disagreements started.

It has always been true that those who “talked it over” in the open soon had things settled and all went back to work. Arbitrate means to Weigh and Divide. That is, to Weigh the Dispute and Divide the Blame — and then to forget the Dispute. Fools always fight. Wise people always Arbitrate. Because to fight is to Waste and to Arbitrate is to Save.

Sometimes it is money saved, sometimes human beings — but always Character, whether the dispute is between you or somebody else or between a dozen nations. Arbitrate. Always Arbitrate. It always pays to Arbitrate. Here’s something important. Disputes can never be without Individual Consent.

If every person concerned — if YOU — refuse to fight, and the other or others take your “cue,” it has to be — Arbitrate. If people would only just think before they get ready to dispute, they would not dispute. Try out this suggestion YOURSELF. Take the Chip off your Shoulder.