A Titanic Experience in the Stock Market

We’re seeing something similar in the market. Right now, we’re in overbought market conditions—that means our next crash is coming. Most veteran forecasters are saying this crash is going to be unlike anything we’ve seen before, with numbers as high as $68 trillion in losses. That will wipe out millions and millions of Americans and, potentially, millions of investors around the globe.

The media outlets are also picking it up. Bloomberg headlines, “Be Prepared for a Bear Market” and tells readers to prepare for a bear market no matter what a president does. “The President won’t be able to stop the crash,” they explain, “It really doesn’t matter what he does.” The Street says, “An Epic Stock Market Crash Is Coming, Veteran Forecaster Peter Schiff Warns.” The Economist warns that an “80% Stock Market Crash To Strike,” quoting such notables as Jim Rogers, who founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros, Mark Faber, Andrew Smithers and even the Royal Bank of Scotland all warning that the Crash will be soon and be devastating. The Captains of the ship are seeing the writing on the wall, but there is still one corner saying everything is GREAT: Wall Street.

Why? They’re doing it because they don’t want you pulling your money out of their long-term accounts and funds. Imagine if every single customer liquidated? The market would go under instantly. Investment firms and brokerages charge fees for every quarter your money sits with them. It’s in their best interest to keep you there—and it’s in their best interest to tell you the market is good and the crash rumors are just RUMORS. They are the shipbuilders saying you don’t need lifeboats because nothing bad is going to happen.

No matter what they say, the market WILL crash. We typically experience a bear market every five years—it’s been almost EIGHT years without one. How does this impact YOU? You don’t want to be the one going under because you failed to prepare. Even in a bear market, there are tremendous opportunities for traders and that’s exactly where the PowerX Strategy comes into play.

When the market crashes, you’ll be zipping around the Titanic making money while every other investor drops into the icy ocean.